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For developers who care about source code documentation

Autodoc integrates with your GitHub or Bitbucket account and analyzes source code documentation whenever you push changes to the repository.


Uniform Style
Provides uniform API documentation style.
No missing docs
Creates missing API documentation.
No discrepancy
Follows changes in the API signatures and updates documentation.


How It Works

Sign up and allow access
After you sign up with your Bitbucket or GitHub account you will be asked to grant Autodoc permission to access your repositories.
Select repositories
Now you can select repositories from your account which you want to work on with Autodoc. You can add or remove repositories at any point or switch to another account.
Push changes and get updated documentation
Push code changes and Autodoc will return a pull request to your account with updated API documentation. You can access these in your repository.
Review and accept the changes
Review the changes made by Autodoc and when you accept them they will be addet to your documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Autodoc free to use?
Yes, both web service and Intellij platform plugin are free to use.
What do I need to use Autodoc?
You need to have a BitBucket or Github account to use the Autodoc Web Service. You can also download the Autodoc plugin and use it with an Intellij IDE.
What is the difference between Autodoc Web Service and Intellij platform plugin?
They both use the same autodoc tool under the hood. The web service integrates with your Bitbucket/GitHub account and the Intellij plugin can be used on any source file from your Intellij IDE.
Why Autodoc requests access to my Github/Bitbucket account info?
To retrieve your name, avatar and email.
Why Autodoc requests write access to my repositories?
To create separate branch with source code changes - this allows to keep autodoc changes separate from original code.
Why Autodoc requests permissions to manage pull requests?
To create pull requests with source code documentation changes so you can apply or decline the changes.
Why Autodoc requests access to webhooks?
To have notifications about changes in monitoring repositories.
What standard is Autodoc using for documentation?
Autodoc understands numpy, google and plain reStructuredText styles but currently outputs only in google style.
You may test in Try Live page to see if it fits to your needs.
Can i customize the way my code is documented?
Currently predefined defaults are used, but user configuration support is planned.
Does Autodoc manage all my Bitbucket/GitHub repositories?
No, you can select which repositories you want Autodoc Web Service to manage, the rest remain untouched.
How can i access my documentation after Autodoc has worked on it?
The Autodoc Web Service creates pull request with documentation updates, you may accept or decline it.